The application of the Japan Finance Corporation “Challenge support capital reinforcement exceptional system (capital loan)” has been decided.

Japan Insurance and Finance Corporation, Inc. to SIRC Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroaki Enomoto (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering)) Abeno Branch Capital loan for small-scale business people of the National Life Business ) Was applied, and a ¥ 40 million loan was executed.

May 17, 2016 (Tuesday), SIRC Co., Ltd. Japan Policy Finance Corporation Abeno Branch Capital loan for small-scale businesses of National Life Business (system name: “Challenge support capital reinforcement exceptional system”) It was applied and a ¥ 40 million loan was executed.

・ Business outline and background about financing
The SIRC Co., Ltd. was developed by Professor Hiroaki Enomoto of Osaka City University Graduate School of Engineering and adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology “The University New Industry Creation Base Project (START) (2013) It was adopted by the “Thin Film Power Source (START)” and was established as a university-based venture company in February 2015 to commercialize the “Thin Film Power Sensor” technology developed using the resistance effect of ferromagnetic materials. Yes.
The 1-yen coin-size “thin-film power sensor” can measure AC and direct power based on a principle different from conventional power measurement, and can measure power values instantaneously without errors due to voltage fluctuations or power factor. Because of the small chip size, the manufacturing cost is reduced, and it is possible to work on devices and parts that could not be measured conventionally, and can be used in a wide range of applications.
At present, since the earthquake and nuclear accident, the nation has been promoting the realization of an energy saving society, and in all areas smart and energy management are becoming increasingly important, and market needs for electronic application devices using thin film power sensors This loan was decided because it was estimated that further growth could be expected.

What is a capital loan (system name: “challenge support capital reinforcement exception system”)
It is a system that supplies capital funds to strengthen the financial position of small and medium-sized businesses and small businesses working on founding and new business development.
For more details, please check the Japan Finance Corporation website.

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