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About the SIRC sensor

Although the SIRC sensor has a very simple film structure, the sensor itself has a current sensing function, a voltage sensing function, and a multiplication function, and can output a power consumption value as an electrical signal in real time.

Characteristics of the SIRC sensor

Introduction of the principle and structure of the SIRC sensor (Magnetoresistance effect, Barber Pole, principle of multiplication function, power measurement)

SIRC Sensor Function

Introduces four typical functions of the SIRC sensor

Introduction of SIRC Co., Ltd./Introduction of the SIRC sensor

Introduction of SIRC Co., Ltd. by Dai Hirasawa, Adviser
Introduction of the SIRC sensor by Hiroaki Tsujimoto, Chairman of the Board

Measurement demonstration video

This is a promotional video that allows you to easily check the function of our SIRC sensor and how to use it.

Power line communication (PLC) proposal

You can check the operation of Power Line Communication(PLC) by using SIRC sensor on video.