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The device that changes the world

SIRC devices are high quality multi-functional small chips that can output power, power factor, harmonics, and frequency in real time.
The small size of SIRC device allows it to be installed in places where conventional sensors could not be installed, providing a detailed power saving solution in a wide range of applications.
In addition, SIRC is developing new functions using multiplication functions, such as ultrasonic measurement, medical applications, and information processing devices.
In the field of IoT, by disseminating SIRC devices as key devices, it will be possible for other businesses to develop highly value-added products and services by connecting things with the Internet which will ultimately contribute to create new industries.
With SIRC devices, we strive to create a safer, smarter and more energy efficient and eco-friendly world.

Patented Innovation

Ultra-compact, low power consumption with sensor and multiplication functions.
Patented worldwide for the sensor itself being able to operate physical multiplication.

  • Revolutionary compact, lightweight, low consumption
  • Accurately measuring AC, DC, real and apparent power.
  • Fine power management
  • Multifunctional (DC to high frequency, harmonics, power factor etc)
  • 15 patented technologies in Japan, the U.S., China, South Korea and more.

Features and Applications

In order for the current transformer (CT), which is a typical competitive technology, to measure and sense equivalent information to SIRC device, it requires the combination with an accessory device such as an arithmetic circuit unit.

Energy application

The SIRC sensor has a wide range of applications in the energy field and can be incorporated into various equipment, devices and terminals.

SIRC sensor features and apps

The SIRC sensor can be incorporated into various applications / products by function.

Function Difference with other companies Input Output App / Product
1 Power monitor ・We measure electric power, voltage flow with one
・High current measurement easy with no contact
・extremely small
・real time
・Continuous (analog numerical value)
1.AC voltage
2.DC voltage
1.AC current
2.DC current
1.AC: Instantaneous power (active power + apparent power)
2.Direct current: Discharge power, charge power
・Power meter / battery monitor
Smart outlet
・Power transducer
・Non-contact high speed charger
・Motor control
・Solar cells・Fuel cells・Harmonic・Iron loss meter
Power measurement
2 Power factor monitor ・real time
・One active power, apparent power,
・extremely small
AC voltage AC current Active power, apparent power, power factor
(Power factor = active power / apparent power)
・Power factor meter
・Motor control
・inverter-Star controller
Power measurement
3 Current monitor ・real time
・High current measurement easy with no contact
・extremely small
・High frequency measurement
Constant voltage power supply Current Voltage proportional to current ・Ammeter
・Strings monitoring
Current measurement
4 Ultra narrow band filter ・extremely small
・Application by multiplication function
Arbitrary AC signal AC signal near A A frequency-B frequency = (beat, beat frequency) ・Ultrasonic monitor
Medical equipment
・Failure・predictive diagnosis
Security, etc.
・Communication (PLC, underwater)
・Sound wave related equipment
・Real time spectrum
・Distance sensor (car etc.)
 Frequency extraction (conversion) 
5 Angle sensor ・High precision angle with two
・Small size
・New SIRC angle sensor> One sensor
Constant voltage or constant current magnetic field Voltage signal corresponding to angle
(Sine wave voltage signal different by 90°between 2 sensors)
・Meter reading
Angle measurement

The application SIRC sensor features and apps using the multiplication function of the SIRC sensor

Application / application product example using multiplication function of SIRC sensor

function merit Applied product example Strengths of applied products application
Multiplication function Frequency extraction function Extraction range can be set freely.
Ultra-narrow band filters not possible with analog circuits are easily realized.
Lock-in amplifier
Spectrum analyzer
Impedance analyzer
Small size
Low price
Easy integration and multi-channel deployment
Various diagnostic systems
Large-scale structures (tunnels, bridges, etc.)
Buildings (outside walls, columns, etc.)
Human body signals (pulses, brain waves, etc.)
Combination with various sensors
Ultrasonic sensor
Vibration sensor
High performance
Small size
Low price
Obstacle detection (ranging)
Underground structure survey
Machinery fault diagnosis
tan δ application products High performance
small size
Power equipment insulation degradation diagnosis
Product quality control in various production processes
Frequency conversion function The conversion frequency can be set freely.
The main conventional use is in communications
Modulation demodulation circuit.
Power line carrier communication
Sonic communication
High performance
small size
Equipment monitoring
Detection system of abnormalities and signs
Communication in the situation where radio waves can not be used


There are 15 patents in Japan and in the US / Europe / Korea etc.!

Currently, SIRC has obtained patents in Japan, the United States, Europe, and Korea. In Japan and overseas, we have already obtained 15 patents.

  • Patented
    Japan No. 5885209
  • Patented
    United States US 9,329,213 B2
  • Patented
    China ZL 2012 80007234.8