Signed a joint development agreement with Nitto Kogyo.

On September 26, 2016, SIRC Co., Ltd. (Osaka City, Osaka, Representative Director Hiroaki Enomoto) announces that it has signed a joint development agreement with Nitto Industry Co., Ltd. (Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture, President Takuro Sasaki) .

This joint development is a load from the power receiving and transforming facilities that also covers new energy power generation facilities such as solar light which Nitto Kogyo Co., Ltd. is developing as a thin film power sensor “Enomoto Device” which SIRC Corporation commercializes. It is applied to distribution products that distribute power to equipment.

AC power and DC power can be measured with high accuracy by using the thin-film power sensor “Kakimoto Device”. Taking advantage of the multi-functionality of outputting power, power factor, harmonics, frequency-specific power, etc. in real time, we will make a significant contribution to enhancing the measurement function of distribution products such as switchboards.

The two companies will combine the intellectual property such as patents and know-how possessed by both companies, and commercialize high-performance measurement modules that are easy to incorporate into distribution products. The commercialized modules are manufactured by Nitto Kogyo Co., Ltd. and incorporated into their own products, and both companies sell them widely at home and abroad.

SIRC Co., Ltd. is to develop a thin film power sensor “Kushimoto Device” using the magnetoresistance effect of ferromagnetic materials developed by Hiroaki Tsujimoto (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka City University) in 2015 2 It was established on March 18th.